Most business’ worldwide rely

on relationships that they have with their

customers whether it is business to business or direct to consumer. Geri teaches you how to make businesses aware of a system that allows them to remain top of mind with their customers through real greeting cards and gifts delivered to their door. These business owners then use the card and gift system to thank their clients for new business, build loyalty by scheduling cards to go out on their birthday, and much more. A simple card, card with brownies, or other gifts (all prepared by the system) builds that extra touch point which helps that business get referred to others and builds loyalty. This service is very much in demand and with Geri’s program, you get paid every time a card or gift is purchased.

You show (not sell) the program and people have a choice to become a customer or also to be a distributor.  You have others on your team who are doing the same process which creates leverage!  Rather than just depending on your own efforts, you are benefiting from the efforts of 100’s or 1000’s of people every day and night!  All of the product that is ordered in your entire organization generates monthly passive residual income for you!  This is the magic of residual income.  You show the program once and get paid for it every month after that!

The system has 2 parts. You find customers and you find other people who find customers. You sell the service but you also use professional network marketing techniques to grow your network of distributors so that you make additional recurring revenue. This system is a one-two punch towards breaking out of your current hourly income model into a liberating system that can help you achieve:

No Tricks
or Gimmicks
Geri Whaley coaches
you for free
Proven Turn-key
Business System
Your account software
handles everything
Private Facebook Support Group
You’re providing a
service that is in demand

You Get A Client

Client creates their account in
our system with your order ID

Client can chose cards & gifts
to send to their customers

Client can personalize their
card or gift to client

We print, pack, and ship your
clients order to their

We offer your clients
reminders to send future
cards or gifts

You get paid for every card
and gift your client buys
through our system

If your client signs up other
people then you get a portion
of those sales as well!

We even have a phone App adding ease to ordering for busy people.

Wide Selection of

Gifts & Cards

Clients Can Select From


begins today!

Geri Whaley is a Network Marketing Pro who has helped others make huge financial breakthroughs! Call her today and find out if this network marketing opportunity is right for you.

You Don’t Need
Previous Experience!

Geri Whaley teaches you every step of the way for free. Your success is literally her success.

After you have developed a good sized self -motivated organization who are raving fans of the product, you have an actual choice for retirement! 

Geri will train you in how to easily find customers on social media, linkedin, and at local chamber of commerce mixers. Geri will also teach you how to add your customers clients into your network which rapidly scales your wealth. The best part about this system is you can do it in your spare time or full time! Every client you convert starts generating money for you. After you’ve built up a pool of clients you can stop and simply enjoy the income or keep building your base and residual income!

Link of phenomenal testimonials of realtors and how using the product has enriched their lives. You can succeed! Get started with Geri Whaley today-