Aren’t we okay “just the way we are?” Well, of course!

I work with people who want an entire new realm of success to appear in their lives in a new business model. In their case they certainly need a Breakthrough! And not just one.

Often I find that people want to simply learn a few new skills and some bits of new information, and they think that will do it. Well, it does not. The people I work with are often transitioning from an employee mindset into an entrepreneurial mindset which is extraordinarily different. I understand the lure of having one’s own business; as a matter of fact, if asked, most people would much rather have their own business, be their own boss! It certainly sounds great, doesn’t it? The reality of the shift is quite another thing.

All the skill training in the world will not shift the mindset of having a carved out position in an established business. The mindset shift requires the commitment to continuously doing whatever it takes to learn a new way of doing business. At first the new entrepreneur needs to be a masterful sales person in charge of initiating all of the activity in their new business. Most never embrace that first step. It is a huge personality shift for most. They stop and start over and over and wonder why they are not making much money. In order to go on to the second step of leading the group that you assemble, you need to be modeling what that group needs to do. If you are modeling the sales activity, then you need to develop the personality of a person that people want to follow! Another huge shift! Then you need to be observant enough about what you have done to reach the first two shifts in order to communicate it to others who want to do what you have done.

It goes on. If you ever want to leverage yourself into owning a huge thriving business that continues to grow with or without you, the Breakthrough work is literally between your ears! Where are you in your development?

Geri Whaley, PhD