“Words simply do not do justice to a mere recommendation of Geri so this is my attempt at quantifying my experience and whole hearted endorsement of such an extraordinary professional, expert and friend.
It’s a rare gift in life to know, work and have the honor of being friends with someone of Geri’s talent, integrity, laser insights and amazing sense of humor and most of all the extraordinary and dynamic impact on all who she meets. Geri is truly a gift and someone who I have admired as a professional and mentor for over 30 years. I’ve had the honor of her brilliance not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well and have experienced firsthand Geri’s profoundly positive impact on literarily tens of thousands of people. Having trained and consulted to countless entrepreneurs, trainers, speakers and organizations in a very broad spectrum of fields myself, I hold Geri’s skill and knowledge above virtually all I’ve ever met as she brings something so rare, an almost indefinable quality to every encounter with others: her selflessness and passion for the welfare, success and well-being of everyone; clients, friends and even total strangers are powerfully and positively impacted by Geri even in the most fleeting of interactions.
I’ve seen Geri accomplish tasks that most would consider impossible; yet though her drive, intention and unique talents, always astonished everyone involved with her results. Geri never just gets a job done; she makes it a masterpiece and always seems to do so with an uncanny ease and grace. Her infectious sense of humor and warmth have melted even the most rigid and stoic as if she magically transformed them before your eyes. With her knowledge and skill, Geri has few true peers and yet she makes everyone she meets feel like the most important person in the world and leaves them feeling that way long after her departure and often permanently.
I simply can’t overstate this; should the opportunity ever be offered to meet or work with Geri, please do not hesitate for a moment. The value to you and/or your business will be positive, unforgettable and immeasurably valuable. We should all be so fortunate to have someone as special as Geri to have graced our lives and I can say with total certainty that my life has been made far richer for having had the benefit of her talent, wisdom, insights and friendship.

Eric Brisgel

CEO E Works

I am so honored to have Geri Whaley in my life as a friend and business associate. Geri has so much passion for her friends and relationships she encounters every day. She has the knowledge and expertise to help you turn your dreams into reality. She has attained a position in the top 20 highest earners in SendOutCards.
Geri has been successful all her life, as she believes in “no finish line” to learning and contributing to the growth of others.
Geri’s long-term careers – Clinical Psychologist, Personal Growth Seminar Facilitator, and Network Marketing Professional brings her full circle to a remarkable individual. I thank you, Geri, for sharing your dreams and passions so I can learn a similar journey to success and freedom.

Sue Lutz

Distributor -, Send Out Cards

I have worked with Geri as a personal counselor and a professional coach for almost a decade. In that time I have seen 4 transformational changes in my life and we are currently working together on a fifth! Each has had monumental impact on my personal life, my career, my emotional makeup, my behavior and my finances. All of us in this world are a work in progress and Geri works very diligently and personally to help you make the progress that is most important to you as you walk the one way road of your life. When a self-help book is not enough to get you where you want to go, Geri is the embodiment of an entire library of life changing coaching and a lifetime of experience to draw upon to achieve the life that you want, as many times as you want! I can’t recommend her enough! Thank you Geri!

Tim Macklin

Account Executive at Pivotal Software

Having relocated to Oceanside not knowing a soul, Geri set in motion my International business long before I realized it. Calling me from a simple PennySaver ad, she introduced me to LeTip Oceanside opening doors no amount of marketing money could have ever accomplished. On our appointed time table, our lives intersected, mine has not been the same since. This introduction jump started both the IT and Internet design/hosting business. Attending her Sales Mastery Seminar, a new vision crystallized, intention. I needed to understand at what point people make their decision for services offered, finding them to be what they have been seeking yet others unable to provide. Dr. Geri took time to role play a typical presentation that amazed me given the number of people at the seminar. After the second time, the insight I sought and time to transition from presentation to asking for the business crystallized vividly. With the deepest gratitude, I thank Dr. Geri knowing I was blessed the day our lives intersected.

Randy Tincher

Founder/CEO – PC-guru.Biz

I love this women. Geri provided the counseling to open my heart and my eyes to a new world. I can’t thank her enough and I heartily recommend Geri for her counseling expertise and growth seminars that she conducts. An amazing, brilliant women and I cherish in my life

C. Lenda Vettese

Associate Partner at Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions