What is most important to you?

Many people never define their personal priorities and remain stagnant in life, work, and love. With help from Geri Whaley, you’ll learn how to take charge of your life and start being the person you were meant to become.

Become an Entrepreneur

Find your own Entrepreneurial Edge with help from Geri. Some already have it, but others have been employees so long they need to awaken it. Geri has the expertise to help you realize your potential and with her guidance, you too can develop the mindset of a person who can take the lead.

Why Is This Important?

The world is not looking for or willing to pay employees for just showing up! Instead, it is looking for the next wave of entrepreneurs with the skills and vision to move their own business forward.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Listening is the first and most important skill for an entrepreneur to master. Developing the part of you that cares enough for other people to really listen to them will make a lasting impact on everyone you encounter, and make marketing yourself or your business that much easier.

Another Communication Skill

Speaking with clarity and certainty inspires confidence in others and piques their interest into what it is you have to offer, making it easier for you to help your clients. This skill takes practice.

Masterful Leadership

This is the ability to inspire those around you to be their very best selves. The more you assist others to be excellent in our industry, the more you manifest your own dreams! Patience, tenacity, and developing your own vision for your future are all part of the development of a rockstar in this business. All of this is what Geri teaches.

Robert Kiyosaki

famous Entrepreneur and author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books, says…


 “In this economic climate, no matter what you are doing for a living, everyone should be building a network marketing team. For most people in our culture, it is their only option to develop leveraged residual income!”

Kiyosaki defines the benefits of Network Marketing: (More from the book named above)

1. It gives you a real-world business education as an entrepreneur rather than as an employee, life skills, tax advantages that only the rich enjoy. You are not growing an income, you are growing an asset.

2. A profitable path to personal growth. In order to grow a large business, you must grow yourself. How you earn your money and build your career is how you earn your destiny and build your legacy.

3. A whole new world of friends who share the same core values as you.

4. You develop the power of your own Network. The richest people in the world build networks. Everyone else looks for a job.

5. A Duplicable Business. Success in Network Marketing is about sharing information and personal stories, not hard selling. It is also about caring about the success of those you bring into the business.

6. Incomparable Leadership Skills. Developing the skill to speak directly to other people’s spirits. Fine-tuned Communication skills and becoming the best storyteller. Leaders who build people up!

7. A business where women excel!