What is the Network Marketing Business?

Network Marketing is also known as Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Sales. In 2015 Network Marketing generated 184 billion dollars in sales worldwide. To put this into perspective that amount is 10x the amount generated by the NFL or the entire entertainment business.

Become a Network Marketing Business

So, when someone looks at you strangely because you say you are a Network Marketer, do not be stopped. This business model is growing every year in popularity around the world in part because of the growing rift between the ultra-rich and everyone else. Most people I meet say that they would love to own their own business! But they do not have $50,000 to $1 million dollars to start a new business, and then wait and hope 3-5 years to find out if they are going to make it in that business.

The Statistics Prove The Case

Here are some statistics for you: 90% of people make less than $50k per year. They are 60 days or one expensive emergency away from bankruptcy. 3% of people live above the line at $1 million dollars per year or above. What are people going to do to rise above the 90%?

Entrepreneurial Skills

Network Marketing offers an enormous alternative. The basic principle of Network Marketing is that the manufacturer does not pay for a wholesaler, retailer, or advertising. They establish a network of distributors and pay them all the money they would pay all the people between manufacturer and user. We get paid to refer people to our products and to gather others who refer people to our products. We as distributors receive a portion of every purchase that occurs in our network. In my company people can start their own business with everything they need to start a business, including ongoing support, training, the company produces and delivers the product and keeps it up to date, for $300 to $500 (one time), a computer and a smart phone. If the new distributor applies themselves, and does the work (that is why it is called NetWORK Marketing), they have the potential to earn what top CEO’s earn in our country.

What Skills Do I Need?

The new person needs to have or develop certain entrepreneurial qualities. Be coachable! Develop a successful mindset! Tenacity, Commitment, Integrity, Long term vision. Be a self-starter (literally)! Even though they may have been at the top of their field in their past career, there are certain aspects of Network Marketing that are different from other business models. We offer free trainings regularly that are fun, inspiring, and help everyone enjoy the benefit of being with others with similar values and goals. There are no gender, race, class, age, or education blocks to entry.

40-40-40 Rule Doesn’t Work Anymore

Perhaps you have noticed that the 40-40-40 rule is not working very well these days. Work 40 hours per week for 40 years and then retire at 40% of what you are used to living on. Most companies are not willing to pay people a full-time income with benefits and retirement unless they have highly unusual skills. And even then, the jobs can go away in a heartbeat.

Seize your financial security by becoming a network marketing professional!


Network Marketing can compress the 40-year plan to 4 years! As Robert Kiyosaki says in The Business of the Twenty First Century, “Put your head down and work. Don’t look up for four years.” It does not happen overnight. Most people begin building this business along-side what they are already doing. What if during the past four years you had been working diligently on a part time basis to build a Network Marketing business. Where would you be financially today?

The answer to that all depends on you!