The ‘Nothing to Lose’ Factor

As a seminar leader, coach, and therapist over the past several decades, I have had many people come to me directly or attend my seminars because they wanted to find out what they needed to do to be more successful either with business, relationships, or even in their relationship with themselves. Most of the time the relationship with self is where we need to begin.

I often use my own life as an example. There is a quality that seems to be a necessary ingredient. I call that ingredient the “nothing to lose” factor. Once we arrive at “nothing to lose” we are free to unleash our most powerful parts of ourself. When does this occur? Either when we are too young to realize risk (my story), or when other options are simply not going to generate the outcome we truly desire/ need.

I grew up when a person could actually go to an outstanding university for very little money. Little enough that I could work during school and summertime to generate enough money for tuition, books, gas, lunch money and clothing. That is how I completed my degree at UCLA living at my parent’s home. I had a lot invested in that degree. My parents gave me no other option than to go to college, although they could not contribute financially. What they did contribute was enormous love, support, and acknowledgment at every benchmark of the journey. Priceless.

Once I completed my initial degree I approached the job market. This was 1970. The corporations were not exactly holding their arms open to females, regardless of my stellar record from an outstanding school. I was hired into a production job at AT&T Yellow Pages at a very low wage. There were two men hired the same day with vastly inferior records. They were put into sales management trainee jobs at double the salary. After one year of living this unfairness, I approached the Division Manager and, although quite nervous, I threatened a law suit if he did not put me in sales where I could be paid what I actually earned! He said that was impossible because it was a demotion. I said I did not care about title. I was 22 years old and simply wanted the opportunity to generate income. I became one of the top salespeople in the company for the next 11 years earning multiple awards for sales and integrity.

Why did I have the courage to face that man at such a young age? I came from nothing in the area of financial abundance. But I was determined to change that pattern in my family. And I had absolutely nothing to lose! I was used to living on very little. My family thought I was crazy to give up the secure job to work a commission job! My first month on the job I doubled what I was earning in the secure job, and I never looked back.

There have been many other times in my life when I departed from the norm and took a risk to expand my experience of life. Why? Because by that time I had proven to myself that I could count on me to come through no matter what I did. It is called an internal track record. When you have that, there is truly nothing to lose because you take you wherever you go! Nobody could take that away from me. There were many instances where I came through gloriously to the astonishment of others around me. Every time I did, that added to the strength of my self respect and belief in myself.

That track record is what people need to construct. That indomitable sense of self, one accomplishment and one agreement at a time. Give your word to yourself and come through, over and over again. Begin with small things and then gradually raise the bar. You want to find magic? This is where you find magic. You know what happens? When you find something you trust in which to invest your commitment, and you commit with determination, then the magic happens. The universe gets that you mean what you say, and the universe helps you! Have you ever experienced that? I have. And I teach people how to do it.

A Success Story
I am a success story in Network Marketing earning passive monthly income on work I did in 2005 and during every year since then. If people are coachable and eager, I can show them how to do what I have done. This is not a get rich scheme, it is a real business in the very expanding business model of Network Marketing. I had several successful careers prior to my current business. The stark contrast is that I earn residual income in this business whether I continue to work it or not. I had to be willing to study this business model even though I had huge success already in my life. My willingness to learn the new business model made all the difference for me. I cannot teach people to be coachable; I can teach people to do this business if they are!