I just ordered a new book! To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink. I cannot wait to read it. My thought when I read the title: Of course! If a person masters selling, they have mastered several other life-changing skills that take them anywhere they want to go. Including: great listener, tenacious, caring, well-spoken, pleasant to look at, life in order, comfortable in their own skin, coachable, adaptable, to name a few.

According to Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, “If you have not mastered selling, life is going to be much more difficult for you.” Fascinating. As a Network Marketer I meet new people all the time. Many of these people say to me, “I could never do that. I am not a salesperson!” There are many articles out there in the real world of business that are saying that we all are salespeople. No matter what we do for a living. As a matter of fact, even the vehement response “I am not a salesperson!” is a form of selling me on an idea they have about themselves.

The qualities I mentioned above include a few that take some determination to develop. For example, what does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin? A lot! I have met very few people in my various careers who started out comfortable in their own skin. What did they need to do to gain that comfort? Go inside with the assistance of a coach, therapist, personal growth seminars, books, tapes, life wisdom gained from learning lessons from set-backs, and most of the time, all of the above. Find out the source of their discomfort, realize it has nothing to do with anything or anyone in their present day, relax with themselves, discover their own natural skills, and offer them to the world. Then they can actually be self-contained enough to listen to another person, and care what happens to them or to their business.

Personally, I have been selling since girl scout days going door to door selling cookies. When it was time for me to select a career, I chose a commission job as an account executive selling Yellow Page Ads at a time when there were no females doing that job. Not only did I sell my customers, but my bosses and colleagues as well. The customers were easy compared to the latter two categories. That was a grand place to cut my teeth on selling. I simply followed the steps I was taught, and I out-produced just about everybody. What an invaluable lesson! Duplicate the masters. Learn the system, and do the system. Like in scuba diving: Plan the dive, and dive the plan. Your life depends on it.