Discovery is a mindset that frees us to relax in our own world and our own existence. Many people walk around in the world threatened by discovering something they did not already know. They are not conscious of this feeling, but when a new experience arrives people often respond with resistance. It is quite liberating to approach life with a mindset of not having to know in advance, a willingness to discover and celebrate the new parts of self and others that abound in our world.

The reality is that we do not know what we do not know. This ‘not knowing’ applies to ourself, other people, animals, science, points of view, cultural beliefs and traditions, spiritual dimensions, etc. Just imagine taking ‘the dream trip’ to another country in Europe, South America, Africa, Asia. I have done that. Have you? During a trip to Morocco I realized that in order to truly experience the specialness of the region, I needed to watch and listen very carefully for ‘the way’ people interact, dress, think, eat! Everything was startlingly different! Traveling can be doorway to self-discovery, as can many other endeavors. There are dimensions of ourself, deeply ingrained belief systems, behavior patterns that we may not realize we have adopted long ago that we think are “just the way we are.” Through self-discovery we open doors to possibilities going forward accompanied by a sense of wonder at how glorious our life can be. “I wonder” is an approach that opens us to brilliant new parts of ourself in every area of our existence- Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.

How do we relax and relish the mindset of discovery? How do we become okay with uncertainty? Look forward to the next new avenue to other dimensions? Discovery becomes a profound trusting that whatever unfolds in our lives is not only something we can deal with, but it is a Blessing. It is why we are here! We trust the perfect order of the universe. The path to recognizing the blessings or the miracles in our lives is my favorite path on which to be a tour guide. After all, I am on the same journey! And my fellow travelers assist me along the way!