Author: Geri Whaley

Why do people need a Breakthrough?

Aren’t we okay “just the way we are?” Well, of course! I work with people who want an entire new realm of success to appear in their lives in a new business model. In their case they certainly need a Breakthrough! And not just one. Often I find that people want to simply learn a few new skills and some bits of new information, and they think that will do it. Well, it does not. The people I work with are often transitioning from an employee mindset into an entrepreneurial mindset which is extraordinarily different. I understand the lure...

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I just ordered a new book! To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink. I cannot wait to read it. My thought when I read the title: Of course! If a person masters selling, they have mastered several other life-changing skills that take them anywhere they want to go. Including: great listener, tenacious, caring, well-spoken, pleasant to look at, life in order, comfortable in their own skin, coachable, adaptable, to name a few. According to Darren Hardy, publisher of Success Magazine, “If you have not mastered selling, life is going to be much more difficult for you.” Fascinating. As a...

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Discovery Coach

Discovery is a mindset that frees us to relax in our own world and our own existence. Many people walk around in the world threatened by discovering something they did not already know. They are not conscious of this feeling, but when a new experience arrives people often respond with resistance. It is quite liberating to approach life with a mindset of not having to know in advance, a willingness to discover and celebrate the new parts of self and others that abound in our world. The reality is that we do not know what we do not know....

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The ‘Nothing to Lose’ Factor

The ‘Nothing to Lose’ Factor As a seminar leader, coach, and therapist over the past several decades, I have had many people come to me directly or attend my seminars because they wanted to find out what they needed to do to be more successful either with business, relationships, or even in their relationship with themselves. Most of the time the relationship with self is where we need to begin. I often use my own life as an example. There is a quality that seems to be a necessary ingredient. I call that ingredient the “nothing to lose” factor....

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About Me

Several successful careers in my life. Now I help others develop passive monthly income from the comfort of their home. I am happy to be in Sedona, AZ living in serenity with my husband.