About Geri Whaley

Backed by more than 40 years of experience,

Geri Whaley is a Direct Sales and Network Marketing professional dedicated to helping others flourish in their business. As an an Executive Distributor ranked in the top 20 highest earning positions in her company, she has the knowledge and expertise to help you turn your entrepreneurial dream into a reality. Her background includes three distinct careers – Account Executive with AT&T, Personal Growth Seminar Facilitator, and Clinical Psychologist in private practice. All of these gave her the successful track record and tenacity to excel in Network Marketing and the passion to assist others to achieve their entrepreuerial dreams. Why is this business model better than anything else she has done in all of her other successful endeavors? The fact of residual passive monthly income that comes in whether she works or not! She is still getting paid for work she did in 2005 and every year since then to this date! She could not say that about all of her other careers! Curious? Contact Geri.

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National Association of Women Business Owners
Professional Women’s Group of Northern Arizona
Direct Selling Association

Geri Whaley

lives in Sedona, Arizona serving her global team of SendOutCards Distributors and Customers.

As a Network Marketing professional, I inform and train people about our industry, teach them to prioritize what is important to them, teach them how to do the basics of growing their business, lead by example! I am an Executive Distributor with SendOutCards! Check it out at SendOutCards.com/redstone. After over 12 years with this company, I earn residual monthly income whether I work this business or not. Who wouldn’t love that??? Curious?